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QiGong Medicine

QiGong Medicine is one category of ZhiNeng QiGong science and is also called HunYuan Medicine. It is different from Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western Medicine.

It regards HunYuan Entirety theory as a guide. In this way, while practicing ZhiNeng QiGong, you treat the entire body with external Qi. The purpose is to cure disease, prolong life and perfect life. You practice to make human HunYuanQi continually clean and rise to highers levels. The end is to enter LingTong HunYuanQi’s level and achieve the life freedom.

It has its special views not only in physiology and pathology, but also in diagnosis and treatment.


Every month we have healing and/or training clases for 7days, 10days, 15 days, 20days or 30days’. We can accommodate the students needs and duration of classes. We are also available to travel to YOU for healing treatment if you are not able to travel to China.



We look forward to providing you with excellent classes in a wonderful environment of learning and healing.