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Methods of ZhiNeng QiGong

There are six levels of ZhiNeng Motion QiGong. The first three levels have been fully developed and widely practiced by millions of people. The three higher levels of Motion QiGong have not been formally introduced yet.

Level one:

Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa involves physical movements during which we direct Qi with our mind and combine our mind with Qi, through the physical movements of opening and closing. As a result, internal Qi goes out and external Qi comes in. This process of exchange enables Qi to circulate deeply and easily between the human body and nature. It helps us to have a strong sense of Qi quickly and with a sensitive body, we significantly increase the potential for improving our health and healing through this practice.


Level two:

Xin Shen Zhuang is designed to combine the mind with the body more closely. With this practice the Qi enters to a deeper and wider level. If we practice XinShen Zhuang the quality of our health be way beyond normal people.


Level three:

Wu Yuan Zhuang practices not only the Qi of the five organs, but also the five interrelated emotions. If the Qi of the five organs are intensified, the functions of the five organs will be strengthened and the activity of the interrelated five organs will be under voluntary control; consequently, we will achieve both superior physical and mental health.