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More of our class pictures and fun after class!

Focus, focus...

Class in session

Helen is sharing with the scientists how ZhiNeng QiGong can help people release stress and achieve better health

Helen talked about how ZhiNeng QiGong can help people keep good emotion during an academic conference

Helen talked about we can use ZhiNeng QiGong to release stress and live a happy life

Helen taught these scientists Level 2 of ZhiNeng QiGong

One of our lovely students

Demo of anatomy

International ZhiNeng friends are taking pictures of the Tea Dao Performances 

It reads: "HARMONY"

Time for some good food... of course

Yes, tasty!

Local tour

Time for fun, local entertainment


Panda performance

Panda performance -- so cute!

Welcome dinner for ZhiNeng friends at the Tea House in Beijing

More performance

More permance

ZhiNeng friends are travelling, but with Qi in their mind - always

Pround with cerfificate

Picture time after performance

ZhiNeng friends from Canada climbed up to the summit of Mt. Tai with the big Qi field